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Here are some testimonials from students who have gone through our courses and want to share their experience with CWCA.

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Through my experience with CWC Academy has given me great knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His living and active Word has molded me to become the man of God that I am today. Learning through the incredible teaching by Bishop Steve Perea and Pastor Kerri Shiozawa has been a beneficial experience through all of the courses they have taught me. Being committed and accepting the challenges along the way through hard work has taught me a lot about myself. This is very rewarding and all the blessings that come with it. This has been a journey that I've accomplished to fulfill the call of God. I would greatly encourage those who felt called by God to take it to the next level by going to Bible College through CWC Academy. It will change your life like it has mine. - David Bonilla CWCA Graduate


Getting a Bachelor's degree was a dream come true. All of this is possible through Jesus

Christ. I thought I was too old to go back to school to achieve my goal. I started going

back to school in 2017 at a different University. The tuition was outrageous. I just

couldn't afford it. It was just too expensive for me. I decided to go to CWCA to

complete my Bachelors degree. It was so much more affordable and convenient as well

because I could do it online at my own pace. I was grateful that some of the units from

my former colleges were transferrable to CWCA. I learned a lot from all of the

Instructors. The following was some of the classes that I really liked: "Why I am the way

I am", "Holy Spirit", and all of the "Lead like a General" classes which taught me how to

become an effective leader by being a servant of the most high king Jesus. I also

developed close relationship with my classmates. It was like iron sharpens iron, we

were accountable to each other by encouraging each other to complete our homework

and to do great in our homiletics presentations. We served together in different

ministries as well. I now have a new goal to achieve which is to complete Master

Degree in Divinity. I will continue taking courses at CWC Academy to complete this new

goal. I had an amazing experience attending Bible College at CWC Academy. I will utilize

my accomplishments to change the world one person at a time by spreading the good

news of Jesus Christ. Praising the Lord for all what He has done in my life. Without Him I

am nothing. - Felicia Bonilla

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