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Dr. Steve Perea

Pastor Steve serves as the Senior Pastor of Christian Worship Center in Manteca, CA.  He has served in the ministry for over 30 years: planting churches throughout the US, raising an army of ministers through his Apostolic vision.  His passion is to see the Kingdom of God advance through the region and is committed to raising men and women to serve and utilize their gifts to their highest potential.  He earned a Doctor of Divinity, Master of Christian Leadership and Management and a Bachelor of Theology.

Pastor Kerri Shiozawa

Pastor Kerri is an Executive Pastor at Christian Worship Center for almost 20 years.  She has dedicated most of her adult life to leading and influencing both men and women to realizing their potential mind, body and spirit.  As a Pastor and Teacher she is passionate about training students for effective leadership and ministry.  She also counsels those that are hurting and helps them overcome emotional distress.  Kerri earned a Master of Theology, Bachelor of Christian Counseling and is a licensed minister with the Assembly of God.

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